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Joe Robinson Visits Shaw Audio

6 years ago

Joe Robinson stopped by the Shaw Audio Shop and here is an inside look at his guitar talents in action. He is caught playing a Shaw Fulltilt 30 through a 2 x 12 cab with a WGS Reaper and a Black and Blue alnico....

Shaw Audio All Tube Hand Built Bass Amp Head

7 years ago

120 watt all tube, true point to point bass head. Uses 6SL7's in the preamp and 4-6550's in the power amp. Demonstrated by 14 year old Ben Shaw using a custom built bass by Ed Beaver Guitars in Nashville. Pickup is a Seymour Duncan...

Shaw Audio JCM20 Hand Wired Tube Amp

8 years ago

The new Shaw JCM 20 was developed in response to a customer's request for an amp that would deliver the high gain classic rock tones at a level that would keep the neighbors from complaining and the cops away from your door. The...

Shaw Audio Roctal Bass Tube Amp

7 years ago

13 year old Ben Shaw does his first product review. Using a custom built Ed Beaver Tele Bass (Ed Beaver Guitars Nashville TN), Ben puts the custom Shaw Audio Roctal Bass hand wired tube amp through its paces....