Tube Injection PreAmp

$ 849.00

Introducing the Shaw Tube Injection compact instrument preamp. Influenced by our previous rack version SOS tube preamp, the Tube Injection was developed by listening to what You the customer wanted in a portable, studio quality instrument preamp. The Tube Injection combines an octal preamp tube stage with a low loss tone section feeding two studio quality transformer-less balanced DI's. If that's not enough bang for the buck, we've included a 9v DC output to power your pedals.
Features and controls are as follows:
Input – accepts 1/4″ instrument cable
Thru – passes input back out un-effected to feed a tuner, amp, or pedals.
9v out – used to power pedals when the Tube Injection is used on a pedalboard.
Pad – used to reduced the input level if signal is really hot. Leave this on max unless unwanted distortion is present.
Treble – boosts or cuts high frequency content.
Bass – boosts or cuts low frequency content.
Midrange switch – offers 3 different midrange contours. Highly interactive with Bass and Treble.
Fat switch – adds to the fullness and aggressiveness of the tone. Also interactive with Bass/Treble controls and Mid switch.
FOH XLR – controls the output level at the XLR jack.
Stage – controls the output level of the low and high 1/4″ output jacks.
Gnd lift – lifts the ground at pin 1 of the XLR jack to prevent ground loop induced hum.