Retro Mod 15

$ 1,399.00

The Retro-Mod 15 is a new addition to the Shaw lineup in response to customer’s request for a Class A, cathode bias, 6V6 based amp, that brings amps like the beloved Tweed Deluxe into the 21st century. The Retro-Mod is NOT a clone of any amp, but instead, picks up where others left off. Each amp is hand built using vintage transformers (when available) and use some of the finest modern boutique quality components ( Sozo, Orange Drop, JJ’s, Cliffs, Belton, etc.). The Retro-Mod 15 is not just “hand wired”, but is true point to point construction with absolutely no circuit boards or turret boards. Solid copper, single point grounding enhances an already short and pristine signal path. All of this adds up to a touch sensitive amp with a tighter, less “flubby”, bottom and a smooth top end that is not harsh or brittle. Controls consist of a Volume, Tone, Boost switch, and rear panel 8 ohm output. Volume and Tone are musically interactive while the Boost switch parallels two stages of a 12AX7 for a nice fat bump in gain without altering the tone print of the amp. The simplicity of the Retro-Mod’s preamp also makes it extremely “pedal friendly”. Hit it with a transparent mid-gain boost pedal like the Creation Audio Labs MK 4.23 or Holy Fire and it is hard to tell where the pedal stops and the amp begins! Test drive a Shaw Retro-Mod 15 today. It might just be your next amp.

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